Tuition Payments and Schedule

The monthly fee reserves a weekly time slot which works like a rent for an apartment. This fee is charged whether you choose to attend or miss. Fees are collected every month, and are not lowered nor refunded for missed lessons. Tuition is due the by 15th of every month.

Missed Lessons

Students who are ill SHOULD NOT attend lessons. If you are too sick to attend school, you
are too sick to attend your lesson. Please notify the teacher by 12pm if you cannot attend in order to schedule a make-up lesson. “No-Show” Lessons are Forfeit.

Practice Expectations

If there is a lack of progress, there is probably a lack of practice! A student’s progress is
determined by dedicated practice, not by simply attending lessons. Ideally, students should practice at least 4-5 days a week. Specific amounts of practice time are not assigned to each student. Instead, students should practice long enough to complete their weekly assignments.

Holidays / Teacher Cancellation

Please Note that the studio is NOT closed on every national holiday. Sometimes students
WILL have lessons on a day when there is no school. The studio is ALWAYS closed on these four Holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
If I must cancel lessons (this happens very rarely), the lesson will be rescheduled, or tuition may be prorated.

Discontinuation of Lessons

Music is a lifelong pursuit, but lessons are not always possible for a multitude of reasons.
Whatever the reason, I will never take discontinuation of lessons personally. Remember: if you are unsatisfied with your lessons for any reason or if you are contemplating quitting lessons, please speak freely to me about your concerns.

Discontinuation of lessons requires a 3 week notice – This gives us time to wrap up any
current projects and discuss how the student can continue to follow their music goals. This also allows me the necessary time to fill that empty lesson slot so that I can avoid a loss in income. Thank you for your consideration.

RDlogoRed Beard Piano LLC

“Mutual respect is a key goal in our studio. As studio owner, I reserve the right to remove students from the schedule if they have poor attendance, poor practice habits, or if they repeatedly break any studio policies”